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Jan 31, 2014

Calling all Atheist Organizations!

Atheists for Humanity is putting out the word to local and national atheist organizations in hopes of partnering!  It makes sense to ask other secular organizations who don't have a secular charity component, to partner with AFH and let their members know we're here and ready to help prove to believers that neither belief, not a fear of damnation, is necessary to be a good, charitable human being. 

So far we've sent correspondence to the Secular Coalition of America, the American Atheists, the Atheist Alliance of America and the Richard Dawkins Foundation in hopes they'll partner with AFH to spread the word.  If you're reading this and you agree that atheists need an outlet to donate anonymously to secular charities, please email these organizations and ask them to consider partnering with AFH. 

We appreciate the help and support!

**Remember, no one at AFH makes ANY money from donations or fundraising - we're strictly volunteer!**

Thank you for your help and continued support!

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